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Xerjoffs XJ 17/17 range has been created by the artisan expertise of the master perfumers in Grasse and is an olfactory journey and discovery of the worlds most precious essences. The XJ 17/17 collection is a unique integration of natures visual achievements and its ever unique redolence¦ The earth laughs in flowers.

Homme Parfum belongs to the wood family of perfumes and makes its initial statement with a strong leather note, which emphasizes its noble and elegant character. The blend of Mediterranean citrus and fresh exotic spices is an unexpected surprise, announcing an equally unusual heart of cloves. The transparent and herbaceous freshness of lavender flowers and Lysilang, the crystalline essence of Ylang-Ylang, (Known as the Queen of Flowers) plays perfect balance with Hommes bracing opening. But the soul of the composition lies in the generous complexity of woods, which crown the aristocratic leather accord and vetiver heart. The entire composition leaves a lasting memory imprinted in the imagination of the wearer.

TOP: Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Caraway, Tarragon, Ginger
HEART: Lavender, Rose, Iris, Clove
BASE: Amber, Rose Santal, Vanilla Bean, Vetiver, Birch, Musks

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