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Sweet Praline

Sweet Praline

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Fluffy, fruit-kissed, enchantingly soft, Sweet Praline is a mouthwatering aura of pure powdery gourmand bliss. It glides in on a cloud of gently tart berries, warmed in the bright, sunshine-gorgeous glow of hedione. It sparkles with delicate incense settling atop blossoming summer jasmine, fresh, romantic, and carefree. And ultimately, it drips with luscious sweetness, balancing a sugared benzoin resin against clean ambroxan and just a hint of the gentle woodiness of papyrus. With all the romance and sophistication of a spicy gourmand oriental, but also a welcome touch of gentle restraint that make it perfect for everyday wear, Sweet Praline is a pure delight.

Sweet PralineåÊFragrance Notes

Raspberry, hedione, jasmine, incense, benzoin, ambroxan, papyrus

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