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Musc Ethernel

Musc Ethernel

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Mizensir Musc Eternel is a sensual cocoon of air-whipped molecules that wrap around the wearer like the softest, purest-white cashmere onesie. Revolving around an abstract bouquet of creamy rose, jasmine, and iris poured over the same iced almond musks used in Morillas‰۪ sadly discontinued Armani Sensi (2002), Musc Eternel feels almost excessively opulent and self-indulgent on the skin, like wearing a thick dusting of vintage body powder. There‰۪s also a ghostly hint of the lipstick-amaretto accord from Morillas‰۪ Le Baiser du Dragon (2003), albeit without any of that scent‰۪s fruited heaviness.

Morillas keeps all these weighty notes in the air by way of two clever pulleys. The first is his use of Paradisoneå¨, a Firmenich musk molecule, which he uses to make the florals radiate and shine as if bathed in the glare of brilliant, soapy sunlight. The second is his use of the unusual note of hawthorn, which adds a touch of herbal bitterness that lightens the densely buttery almond aspects of the tonka bean. Sensual, creamy, and almost soulfully powdery, Musc Eternel feels like a retro floriental filtered through a fog of Pond‰۪s cold cream and almond dust. If you‰۪re a fan of scents such as Sensi (Armani), Teint de Neige (Villoresi), or L‰۪Eau d‰۪Hiver (Malle), then make sure you make room in your collection for this incredible floral musk.

Musc EternelåÊFragrance Notes

Bulgarian rose, Paradisone, iris, Egyptian jasmine, hawthorn, white musk, tonka bean

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