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Mizensir Luxury smells like the moist sweetness of a woman‰۪s skin after she steps out of a Turkish sauna, mixed with the cloud of soft, lipsticky powder emanating from her leather wash bag as she opens it to remove a toiletry. Designed by Alberto Morillas to evoke the buttery scent of human skin, Luxury achieves its effect by stuffing the structure with as much iris as it can take without tipping over into rootiness, a process that involves massive but calculated amounts of both natural iris absolute and irone, a synthetic molecule derived from the iris rhizome itself.

A spray of zesty orange blossom water adds a spark of freshness, but the true star here is that duet of iris materials, which smells, in turn, of bread, violets, cosmetics, and icy, powdered earth. Fans of the ultra-natural-smelling Santa Maria Novella iris fragrances, CittÌÊ di Kyoto and Iris, will appreciate the doughy purity of the iris presentation in Luxury. Morillas captures all of the silvery ethereality of iris absolute while using irone to give it remarkable tensile strength, ensuring it doesn‰۪t simply evaporate within minutes from the skin. Speaking of skin, a base of benzoin, vanilla, Ambroxan, and tonka bean has been slotted into place to mimic the complex milky-salty-musky scent of female skin that‰۪s been pampered, massaged, steamed, and rubbed with luxurious creams all day long in a spa. The old rhyme tells us that little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice, and upon smelling Luxury, we‰۪d agree that this pretty much nails it.

LuxuryåÊFragrance Notes

Egyptian orange blossom, bergamot, ambroxan, iris absolute, irone, benzoin, Tahitian vanilla, tonka bean, Muscenone

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