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Korloff Paris

Luxure Sensuelle

Luxure Sensuelle

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Want to feel sexy and alluring? Then this is the perfect choice for your next perfume! Korloff Luxure Sensuelle is a new perfume created by Korloff. This perfume has been designed to be an alluring fragrance that women and men can use to attract their romantic counterpart.

Scent is a powerful sensual element. Luxure Sensuelle is an intimate fragrance inspired by the hearts and souls of men and women who live their lives passionately; individuals with rich inner worlds who love the darkness as much as they love the light.

Here at Korloff, we design scents that connect people with deeper pleasures through the senses. Luxure Sensuelle Korloff is a powerful mix of pink pepper and cardamom on top notes, followed by coffee and cappuccino on heart notes, ending with sexy vanilla and patchouli base notes.

Fragrance Notes are:

Top notes: Cardamom and Pink Pepper
Heart notes: Cafe, Capuccino and Lavender
Base notes: Vanilla, Patchouli and Cedar

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