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Nino Amaddeo

La Vie Revee

La Vie Revee

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La Vie RÃ_x008d_vÈe captures a childhood taste for a floral and delicious fragrance which is like breathing in a daydream. It whispers a subtle message of confessed indulgence, a natural blend of desire. La Vie RÃ_x008d_vÈe assumes that we all have an inner child and that we’re as carefree as the perfume we wear.

Like a burst of laughter, the fragrance opens onto an irresistible bouquet of bergamot and mandarin. The fun continues with orange blossom melting into deliciously cheeky marshmallow notes. Its sweet scent pairs with enticing tonka bean and mischievous vanilla, capturing the sweet lightness of a fluffy cloud.

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