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Fragrance du Bois



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Fragrance Du Bois is a niche luxury perfume house born from the richest essences of nature, crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th century French traditions of Grasse. All Du Bois fragrances are created using 100% pure, organic Oud oil and other sustainably-sourced ingredients.From Fragrance Du Bois: "A moment of perfect stillness broken by unpredictable shifts of racing wind across the vast sandy landscape, Sahraa Oud captures the untamed wildness of the Arabian Desert. The first scent in Fragrance Du Bois’ premium Prive collection, Sahraa Oud featuring Rose Absolute and Oud, two exceptional highly prized ingredients, was crafted for the refined sophistication of perfume connoisseurs."Sahraa Oud features notes of rose, geranium, jasmine, moss, patchouli, sandalwood, saffron, vanilla, amber and a high percentage of 100% pure, natural oud, packaged in an exquisite, elegant crystal bottle. Sahraa Oud was limited edition and only 500 bottles will be distributed worldwide - now it's the most popular perfume under the name Sahraa Parfum.

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