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Eau de Gingembre

Eau de Gingembre

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Get your engines started, for this is a summer stunner with a twist! Eau de Gingembre cleverly combines the fresh bitterness of the classic eau de cologne (think 4177 or Eau de Guerlain) with the invigorating scent of raw, freshly-peeled ginger root, for a result that is simultaneously refreshing and hot. The opening alone would wake the dead: zesty, sour citruses competing with the pungency of grated ginger root fire into your synapses and send you shooting straight up into the air. Try it and see ‰ÛÒ the combination of sour and hot is nothing short of addictive.

All too often, summer eaux de colognes share a common problem: terrible longevity. Eau de Gingembre by Mizensir completely resolves the issue by placing the most volatile notes ‰ÛÒ the citruses and ginger root ‰ÛÒ over a solid base of clean, soapy neroli, which acts to extend the aromatic freshness of the scent far beyond the citrus and ginger. The later addition of resinous fig leaf, cypress, and white woods renders the base ever sturdier, greener, and soapier, thereby extending the life of the scent itself as a whole. If you love Neroli Portofino but wish for better performance, then you‰۪ll find some of that here too. Although the bitter zest of the eau de cologne opening is inevitably lost along the way, the pungent, spicy aromatic core of the scent is retained all the way through. In other words, put Eau de Gingembre on to wake yourself up in the morning, and you‰۪ll still be smelling its clean, spicy drydown under your shirt when it‰۪s time to take it off again.

Eau de GingembreåÊFragrance Notes

Calabrian bergamot, ginger, Tunisian neroli, petitgrain, fig leaf, cypress, white woods

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