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Noeme Paris

Divin Part

Divin Part

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Divin Part

Love is a heavenly breath of the air of paradise. – Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Love: exhilarating, passionate. Isn't it the ultimate quest in life?
We love, sometimes without wanting to love, beyond our consciousness.
It is a unique, celestial and powerful sensation, the most beautiful memory.
Love is life, its Divine Part.

Pure and sweet, it's a paradise, Divin Part personifies it. With each breath, a memory. The olfactory journey begins.
At the dawn of this magical journey: a powdery floral note is the inimitable Ylang Ylang from Madagascar.
Iris butter from Florence warms her heart, while sensual, aphrodisiac white musks celebrate the final stage of the marvelous journey.

Iris fragrance, powdery, musky

Top Notes: Ylang Ylang from Madagascar
Heart Notes: Orris Butter from Florence
Base Notes: White Musk

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