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Patchouli of the Underworld

Patchouli of the Underworld

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The perfume is a dark carnal patchouli with references to musky sexuality, power, opulence. It captures the darkness of the underworld and the hidden riches of the earth below with glimpses of the light above the surface.

The idea was to build a black patchouli, with a furry texture as black as the panther.

It starts with pink and black pepper blended with citruses (Bergamot and Mandarin) to create a fresh dark top note enhancing the camphor notes of patchouli.
Playing with a suede leather accord of Mate Absolute, Birch and a smoky twist with cade and rich smoked precious woods to create a synergy between resins and woods and strengthen the character of musk.
It was softened with a blend of Cistus & Labdanum extracts and other Amber materials to give the furry and smooth signature. Bits of carnation (spicy rose character) and other floral elements are enriching the fragrance to give it depth and structure.

Important Info: ScentGiant 100% guarantees the authenticity of the Electimuss Patchouli of the Underworld samples and decants. The Electimuss Patchouli of the Underworld perfume samples are hand-decanted from the original and authentic Electimuss Patchouli of the Underworld perfume bottle into the smaller bottles you will be receiving. The original bottle of the Electimuss Patchouli of the Underworld in the main picture is only for sale if the full bottle retail option is available and purchased by the customer. ScentGiant is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or supported by the design house in any manner.

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