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Frapin Parfums

Isle of Man

Isle of Man

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Isle of Man is a resolutely masculine fragrance, a celebration of the fearless andintrepid for those who laugh in the face of death-defying odds. It salutes free spirits andadrenaline addicts who know that truly living means pushing boundaries. You’re never morealive than when life is on the line.Frapin’s previous creation, “The Orchid Man”, was an ode not just to boxing, but to the mindsetof the contender. Similarly, “Isle of Man” is not merely a perfume inspired by motor racing. Itstands for an entire philosophy: living intensely, each second as if it were the last, even if thatmeans coming dangerously close to the edge. Life should be anything but boring.David Frossard, himself a motorcycle aficionado and lover of extreme sports, entrusted thisinterpretation to perfumer Aliénor Massenet. Her creation boasts a genuine olfactory signature.The citrusy attack followed by salty floral accords conjures up the heady adrenaline rush ofripping down an ocean-beaten coastline.

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