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FIAMMA is a hypnotic and sophisticated fragrance that tells about the contact point between the light of the fire and that of the soul; a dance of elements between the visible and the invisible. For those who observe it, the continuous transformation of the flames awakes an inner spark: the magic of light dances and charms the most sensitive spirits.
With FIAMMA, the embers’ heat draws an imaginary line with that of the heart. Its composition is the result of a dance of elements: Patchouli unveils its high quality through chocolate hints, slightly bittersweet, while Myrrh wraps the senses with its richness, adding a touch of sacredness. Calmness and heat are in every breath, and at the core of the bouquet that reveals a surprising accord of Musk, Resins, Amber and Leather matched with sweet hints of Honey and Vanilla.

Woody - Aromatic

Cypress, Iris, Juniper Berries
Patchouli, Myrrh
Honey, Leather, Amber, Musk, Vanilla, Resins

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