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Atelier des Ors

Choeur Des Anges

Choeur Des Anges

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Discover the secret of happiness in Atelier des Ors Choeur des Anges, an evocative floral-aromatic composition with a rich golden nectar that relates to the ancient art of incense-making and an Ambrosia-like nectar of Osmanthus and honey.

The new fragrance from Atelier des Ors embodies the harmony between color and scent, with fragrance notes including radiant flowers (orange blossom), fresh fruits (pear and blood orange), juicy berries (black currant) and earthy notes such as osmanthus absolute.

The Choeur Des Anges fragrance (" Choir of Angels" in French) was born out of the desire to express a more poetic side of perfumery and Angel. This is a journey in color, scent, music and lightness.

Fragrance Notes:

Top notes are Blood Orange, Pear and Black Currant.
Middle notes are Osmanthus, Carrot Seeds and Orange Blossom.
Base notes are Honey, Amber and Cedar.

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