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Lilac Love

Lilac Love

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Disclaimer: this is not a lilac perfume. This is a lilac-colored angora sweater that you want to wear on your naked skin while rolling around on 1,000-thread count sheets with a basket of gray Persian kittens. It is a million miles away from the bold oriental regalia of the Amouage lineage- this one whispers and has an adorable French accent.

We cant get over how pretty Lilac Love is. A soft bouquet of roses, jasmine, gardenia, and heliotrope is whipped up into a rosy, milky froth, dusted liberally with cocoa powder, tonka bean shavings, and fresh vanilla sugar. The texture transitions fluently between cool, floral milk (lactones, gardenia) to a warm, cocoa-like powder (iris, patchouli). You wont know whether to wear it or sip it from a mug while watching the snow fall outside your ski lodge.

NOTES: Jasmine, rose, gardenia, peony, heliotrope, orris, cacao, tonka bean, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla

Important Info: ScentGiant 100% guarantees the authenticity of the Amouage Lilac Love samples and decants. The Amouage Lilac Love perfume samples are hand-decanted from the original and authentic Amouage Lilac Love perfume bottle into the smaller bottles you will be receiving. The original bottle of the Amouage Lilac Love in the main picture is only for sale if the full bottle retail option is available and purchased by the customer. ScentGiant is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or supported by the design house in any manner.

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