Here you can find our most frequently asked questions :

How do I set up an account for my car wash?
Well, we are glad you asked. Setting up an account is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse and filling out the form online. Click on this link (insert link) and submit the form. Within 1 business day someone from our office will get in contact with you to speak about getting your account set up.
I am a new customer and would like to see if your company can help maximize my lobby’s profits. Who should I speak to? 
We are happy to help. Please Contact Us and we will make sure the sales representative closest to your location is in touch with you.
What are your payment terms?
Many customers choose to pay by a USD credit card when their order is shipped, but we also offer open terms to customers who have had an account with us for 6 months or more and have approved credit references.
Where is the company located? 
We are located in Richardson, Texas.
Where can I get a catalog and price sheet? 
You can request a catalog on-line or call us directly at 214-229-6241. 
• Do you share customer information? 
No - We do not provide your confidential information with outsiders.
• Are there any handling charges? 
No - We do not charge handling.
• What is your delivery time? 
 We ship the order within 24 hours after it's received. Delivery time runs from one to three days.